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Interior Design

Our process is unique in that it begins from the indoor space and works its way gradually to the garden beyond. What distinguishes our diverse portfolio is an aesthetic sensibility that combines livability with luxuries in details and materials.

Our design approach centers on our clients. We listen to their aspirations and requirements. We observe, we propose; we play with ideas and options. Our work begins with a thorough understanding of how the client perceives the space, followed by a design solution that flexes its impacts from the inside out. Ours is a holistic vision — combining architecture, interiors and landscape in a single environment.

Commercial: restaurant, cafe, bar, boutique, apparel etc.
Service Industries: exhibition, museum, gallery, church, bank etc.
Feature: clinic, beauty salon, hair salon, yoga studio, spa
Furniture etc.


As a branding and design agency, we look at both the interior and exterior elements of a brand to make sure that compelling brand strategy is met with equally compelling branding excellence — from building a stellar brand promise with the potential for strong emotional connections to designing and executing logo and branding exercises, and to creating sales, advertising, packaging and point-of-sale collaterals.

The guiding principle is simple: All branding elements must work together neatly to reinforce your competitive edge, thereby driving your business while reducing your risks.

Every great brand projects a coherent and distinctive personality. A cookie-cutter approach will fail to leave a lasting impression.

・Brand Identity
・Trade Show and Commercial Displays
・Vi / Ci
・Digital Marketing
・Public Relations
・Media Promotion
・Web Design and Development etc.